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Our group has developed these NBFC applications using their long experience and interest to provide our customers the best remedy for their company. As every company is different from each other, we have designed different kinds of NBFC Software and RD FD Software for Business organizations.

We have incorporated every typical function that the NBFC organizations need. We have involved several new and extremely useful functions as per the use of the application to make the application all rounder.

Our NBFC Software jaipur application designed for NBFC and Microfinance companies, the software has been developer from scratch to cover the entire working of a Company/Firm involved in Hire Purchase and related Business Our focus being on the management and control of business apart from keeping accounts, Our Development team has its roots in the finance industry and an experience of over 4+ years.

Plans of NBFC Software

Personal Loan Software

Vehicle Loan Software

Property / Housing Loan Software

Gold Loan Software

Software for Loan Against Deposits

Agriculture Loan Software

Education Loan Software

Business Loan Software

Micro Finance Loan Software

Mortgage Loan Software

Commercial Loan Software

Career Loan Software

Machinery Loan Software

Cyrus is a Provider of Fully Managed Services consultancy specializing in NBFC Compensation Plan Optimization and Development.

We would appreciate an opportunity to discuss our service offerings with you and see if there could be a match.

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How to grow your business with Credit Cooperative Society Software

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Cyrus is jaipur based software company in india, specialized in Multi State Credit Cooperative Society Software that helps to improve your online presence.

Features In Our Multi State Credit Cooperative Society Software:

Web Technology: Microsoft .Net 4.0 as front End, and MS SQL Server 2012 as Back End.

Multi – State- Can manage all the states and respective branches.

Multi – Operator: can create any number of operators to work on software and you can provide rights accordingly.

Operator Privileges: User Privileges are specific access and ability permissions that can be assigned to users.

Multi – Agent and Customers: “N” number of Agents and customer can work on this this is already tested with millions of entries.

User Friendly Software: Easy to operate, Professional employees are not required to operate the software.

Data Security: Project works within a secured architecture and sense of security like captch, 3d verification, OTP (One Time password), Separate Transaction Pin in this software is adding major advantage, and we also manage the important code using higher level encryption.

Application Security: Using IP and MAC Address based security to run the system.

Verification Process: System for FI verification, document verification, and 4 level verify system

Automation: Automatically Interest Calculation for deposit and Loans.

Audit Reports: Reports for Audit Purpose.

Document Management: Can maintain Members and Staff documents like Loan Applications, Membership form etc.

Accounting: When software will make any transaction entry then this will automatically make effect on Day book, Ledger, Balance Sheet, Trial Balance Reports.

On / Off System: You can enable and disable the featutes in software as per your needs like Forms, Transactions, Deposits, Branch Login, Website, any registration Etc.

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Cyrus Technoedge Pvt. Ltd.
84/248 CM Tower Opp. KV 5,
Madhyam Marg, Mansarover, Jaipur – 302020, Rajasthan, India
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​RD FD Software

Credit Cooperative Society Software

Mobile Recharge API Easy and Quick Recharge Software

Cyrus Technoedge is leading name in the today market for providing Mobile Recharge API Services. Cyrus provides Mobile Recharge API solutions for any kind of prepaid mobile recharge.


This software reduces your operative cost and removes hassles of buying and maintaining multiple mobile phones and also maintaining balance from different operators. This is Automatic Mobile Recharge Software work with Mobile Recharge API solutions.


Benefits of online mobile recharge API, Multi Recharge Software, One sim multi recharge:

Pay2all recharge service covers nearly all major service providers of Mobile,DTH Data Card & Bill Payment.

Easy recharge facility is available for India.

We Have a strong backend support & Database through our Best services.

No need of Any investment to start online recharges service.

Boom in telecom industry favors promising results.

We offer simple and Fast And Quick Online mobile recharge api provider for All cellular services like Bsnl, Aircel, Idea, Reliance CDMA, Reliance GSM, Virgin, MTS, TATA Indicom, Vodafone and TATA DOCOMO. DTH recharge service is provided by us like Reliance Big TV, Dish TV, Sun TV, Sun Direct, Videocon D2H and Tata Sky. While our Data card service covers the Big players like Aircel, BSNL, Idea, MTS, Reliance and Tata.

Multi Recharge Software Website Provides a great Value addition to Existing Website or business.

Single E wallet – No need to maintain separate stock for each mobile Operator.

No need to stock paper based recharge Coupons.

Working capital depends on your daily transactions.

No minimum deposits and balance maintenance required

Create Unlimited Master Distributor, Distributor, Retailer and More

One Sim Multi Recharge Software Will Be Yours.

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Cyrus Technoedge Pvt. Ltd.
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Madhyam Marg, Mansarover, Jaipur – 302020, Rajasthan, India
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Do you want One Sim Multi Recharge Software for Recharge API?

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Cyrus Technoedge Private Limited is a renowned Software Development company expertise in Recharge Solution for Recharge API, Mobile DTH Data-Card Recharges, Mobile Recharge Software, Master API Development, One Sim Recharge Software Etc.

Cyrus Provides One Sim Multi Recharge Software Facilities in India. All Mobile Recharge API Solution and System provider in Jaipur.

Mobile Recharge API Platform

Prepaid Top Up For all Mobile DTH and Data Card Recharge
Post Paid, Landline bill payment API
Electricity Bill Payment API
GAS, Insurance and other utilities Payments API

Recharge API can be used to make your own White Label Applications, recharge portal for Mobile Recharge, B2B and B2C Applications; this will work as One SIM all Recharge Software etc. Cyrus also offers Master Recharge API Solution for Big Scale enterprises by this they can generate their own API and resell to small enterprises.


Features :

Multiple Mobile Recharge API Support
Easy Operator Shifting
Bulk Sms API Support for Response Sms
Long Code Response For Sms Recharge
Immediate Mobile Recharge Services from API

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Contact us for Recharge software free demo +91-9799950555/666

Cyrus Technoedge Pvt. Ltd.
84/248 CM Tower Opp. KV 5,
Madhyam Marg, Mansarover, Jaipur – 302020, Rajasthan, India
Mobile:  +91-9799950555 / 666
Ph.: 0141-4001185


Penguin 2.0(Penguin 4) – Is Now Live, Generation Spam-Fighting

The fourth release of  Google’s spam-fighting “Penguin Update” is now live. But Penguin 4 has a perspective. It contains Penguin 2.0 technological innovation under the bonnet, which Look for engines says is a new creation of technical that should better quit spam.

Matt Cutts, the go of Google’s web spam group, declared the new Penguin 2.0 upgrade during This Weeks time in Look for engines (Episode #199). He recommended the previously movie of him referring to the next creation Penguin upgrade and said this is being combined out “within the next few time.”

Webmasters and SEOs: anticipate significant changes to the google search. He particularly said that 2.3% of British issues will be clearly affected by this upgrade.

Cutts later published some more information about this move out on his weblog. He described that the discharge is now finish, such as for non-English ‘languages’, and that “the opportunity of Penguin differs by terminology, e.g. ‘languages’ with more webspam will see more effect.”

Past Penguin Updates:

Penguin 4? Penguin 2.0? We name each launch of Penguin in successive purchase, so it’s simple to know when one occurred. The record so far:

Penguin 1 on Apr 24, 2012 (impacting ~3.1% of queries)
Penguin 2 on May 26, 2012 (impacting less than 0.1%)
Penguin 3 on Oct 5, 2012 (impacting ~0.3% of queries)
Penguin 4 on May 22, 2013 (impacting 2.3% of queries)

But after the first launch, the second and third still were information refreshes of the same primary Penguin criteria with only minimal changes. This 4th launch is a significant modify, so big that Search engines has known as it as Penguin 2.0 internal.

Penguin 2.0 Goes Further, Affecting More Webmasters

As we protected previously, He said in a latest movie that this Penguin upgrade is a significant upgrade that goes go deeper than the unique Penguin upgrade and will effect many more SEOs and website owners than the first creation edition. Here is that movie again:

For more on the Google Penguin update, click here.


Finance Management Software

These days, it is regarded as a whole misapprehension that there is a need of finance management software if a business is possessed or if there are several resources of earnings to be monitored on. Finance management is the primary foundation of asingle or a family. If needed you might need to take a notebook and a pen and create a price range or economical planning. Most of this program is affordable and quickly available, so any one can use it. The different kind of finance management software available on internet.   Here, one needs to think how to select and which one to select for program to the specifications.
The features and functions of this program also have to be in comparison. If it is needed to select between a complicated package of financial management software and the important one systematizing the most typical procedures, the best choice is to select the primary one, especially if one is going for using the software for monitoring rumors variety. This can also help you assess various net value objectives. We will discover the methods that personal money control software can help you get ready for the most severe and enhance your economical predicament in the long run. This will give you a concept how your economical condition supports against existing and upcoming costs.
The finance management software is designed to offer ratings in the economical areas and also provides necessary advice for changes. They also offer appropriate tips for all finance situations that is regarded as remarkable and down-to-earth. There are several websites providing evaluations and opinions on the best finance management software. The software should be able to transfer all details. The best finance software will be one that allows you to handle your internet financial, savings, verifying records, loans, bills paid, bank cards and loans with frequent up-dates on dealings and account levels out.
The development of customized finance applications has considered a development of move from frequent techniques of handling finance to modern-day methods which use finance management software. This program will allows you to identify realistic resources and allow you to make quick and greater choices associated with your budgets. It is an excellent method to handle own finance is by a finance software. Furthermore, it is possible to upgrade or change details or create improvements without the want of generating unique pages or changing the whole information. This program can help you put together extensive resources.
Finance management software will allow you to handle your economic situation quickly and create your cash work for you. Being able to have a better picture of your financial situation will help you keep track of cash and allow you to price range and keep targeted on keeping your financial situation safe, protected and secured. It is very helpful and excellent program for monitoring earnings and costs and is more customers friendly. This program will evens permit you to set aim in your finances situation.

Benefit of Loan management Software

Loan management software is a system developed to keep track of all customer expenses, income, funds circulation and loaning information. It allows to perfectly determining the portion of each transaction that is to be applied to attention, major, escrow, delayed charges, etc. This loan management software also provides a comprehensive package of review options such as, account history, guarantees to pay, transaction discounts, per month billings, delayed is aware, escrow account levels out, loan benefits, insurance and property tax renewal, bookkeeping reports and many attention statements. The application can help to generate amount plans to help you plan your accounts due and receivables. It comes with following functions to handle your hard-earned penny. It can also help you in planning early home property foreclosures or enhance your transaction periods to get rid of the financing quickly.
Flexibility: The loan management Software allows flexi-plans for your amount plans and also shows corresponding effects upon changing transaction methods. Thus, it can give a complete review of your every week, fortnightly, per month and yearly expenses.

Compatibility: The application is suitable with loans, guidelines (Simple Interest) for different types of economic loans like car, company, debt-consolidation, student and more for US and Canada nations.

Scalability: It also comes with a scalable brilliant calculator driven by an automated company concept motor that can be designed to meet any nation’s legal rules with specific formulae. Business rule search can be an easy, user-friendly entry form with text and mathematical boxes to enter appropriate factors.

A loan management Program has an excellent effect on loan provider companies due to its powerful and versatile characteristics. It is good for traders, lenders, and not-for-profit companies. Loan management software long lasting clients relationship, up-dates data source control and allows in control improvements. This store makes easier the dealings by managing the company activities and maintaining proper financial and getting information. It involve various segments such as loaning component, loan provider component, mortgage component, action of trust application, loan maintenance application, loan monitoring and loan control component, etc. Economical loan application studies the records posted by the people and scrutinizes their functions. Today they have a product that is blatantly over budget and has a propensity, almost a preference, to accident like a mad hillbilly at a demolition derby.
Loan management software controls the data source or loan information. Its basic purpose is to keep up with all the financial data necessary to handle the profile of economic loans. It also combines with various company segments. It instantly up-dates itself and can work with a small to medium size lenders easily. There is no limit to the number of economic loans it can store. Additionally, it determines all the financial numbers one need and preserves all expenses and delayed charges due and past due. The qualified ones are categorized out immediately and characteristics of improvements are suggested at the same time. Performance is assured with detailed study of the e-mails and signals and system lists. It has an excellent effect on loan provider companies due to its powerful and versatile characteristics.